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Sri Venkateshwara Kids Play School

Frequently Asked Questions?


Q1. Why Sri Venkataeswara kids play school?

Ans: Sri Venkataeswara kids play school is an initative of people combine, a group that has redinied the education is preceived. apart from our unique curriculum, we have unique facility at our school that act as differentiators from other schools in the market.

Q2. What is the admission cycle?

Ans: Admissions are open all thourhgout the year, but purely on the basis of availability of seats and hence we recommend blocking seats well in advance.

Q3. When does the academice year open?

Ans: Our academic year runs from june to april, divided into 2 terms.

Q4. How do i enrol my child?

Ans: Parents can walk in with prior intimation to the centre. please carry the birth certificate and passport size photographs of your child for admission . you can also apply online for any of the program we will get in touch.

Q5. What are the daily hours for pre school?

Ans: Morning 9.30 to 2.30 a.m.

Q6. Do you offer any snacks?

Ans: Considering health of each child is different. We are not entrain any school snack is provided currently.

Q7. What is adult at child ratio?

Ans: We have a healthy 1:8 adult child ratio and if the no. of kids increases to approximately 12 then adult child ratio of 2:12 comes in to existence, which means for every 12 kids there is one teacher and one support staff.

Q8. If i needed my child to stay early or late hours would that be possible?

Ans: Prior information is required for student to stay early or late hours for a day, if service need to extended additional payment need to be paid.

Q9. Is there a uniform for children and is it compulsory?

Ans: Yes, we do have uniform.This uniform will be a part of student kit given at the time of admission. Uniform at school not only provides a sense of togetherness and equality among children but also gives them a neat and a well groomed look.

Q10. Do teachers at Sri Venkataeswara kids play school communicate in English with children?

Ans: For the first few days, we give more importance to kids getting adjusted to the new environment of school and so we do not hesitate in conversing with the child in a vernacular language, especially of toddler and nursery grade. Once the child gets used to school and the new environment he/she is in, English takes the place of vernacular language gradually. Thus, English becomes the mandatory mode of instruction in school, giving child a comfortable language learning experience.

Q11. What teaching methodology is followed ?

Ans: We give children a strong foundation of learning through our innovative teaching methodology which is grounded teachers about the growth and development of children. In order to help facilitate self-directed learning, we set up with a variety of materials and activities for children to choose from. We have developed a special in house curriculum which inculcates learning through 4 major facilitators; Infrastructure, Technology, Teachers and Parent Partnership, with 8 major learning outcomes; Music perception, Earth Science, Visual Arts Technology, Life Skills, Numeracy Skills, Literacy Skills, Assessment and Value Education. 

Q12. What are the age ranges for the rooms?

Ans: Each class differ in age ranges , we allow to mingle with same age in each class.

Q13. Is registration fee is refundable?

Ans: No registration is not refundable.

Q14. What does Much more than just a playschool mean?

Ans: Unlike other playschools, We offers complete child development even after the regular school hours through its unique afterschool programme Beyond The Bell which offers an array of activities like dance, music, fitness education, science, math, and many more under one roof.

Q15. What your child will learn at Sri Venkataeswara kids play school?

Ans: Your child will learn age appropriate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

Q16. How safe is the outdoor at School?

Ans: We are always accompanied by teachers and co ordinators when outdoor and are never left alone under any circumstances.

Q17. What are the age criteria of various programs offered at Sri Venkataeswara kids play schoolschool?

Ans: Each program has a specific age criteria which we can see im programme page.

Q18.After School activities

a) We have a structured after school program named as After Bell activities, which is rich with activities helping a child with holistic development. ABA is a unique after school program that will help parents give their children a unique learning experience after the regular school hours and provide a common platform for various activities under one roof. 
b) By enrolling your child in a Quality program like this you are not only ensuring a fun filled learning environment to your kid but are also helping them improve academically, personally and socially.

Q19. What about security?

Ans: security becomes essential of all when handling children below 6 years and hence all the safity measures are taken in to consideration at school. we have cctv camers recorder will be run recording all school acitivities on daily basis, our teacher co ordinaters who keeps a close eye on the inflow and outflow people in to the school.


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